October 26, 2015

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When Kim and I started LFFE 5 years ago, companies focussing on backcountry fly fishing adventures for teens were unheard of. Our greatest hurdle was letting potential families know that these unique opportunities existed. With the help of family and friends, we gained an audience anywhere we could. We went to schools, scout troops, family homes, summer camp fairs, and just about any other venue you can think of. We showed slideshows, taught casting and fly tying lessons, and met face-to-face with parents of potential participants. With more alumni and their families opening their homes for presentations and helping get our foot in the door at schools, the length of our fall/winter/spring road trips have gotten longer and longer. To Kim and I it is an adventure that we looked forward to each year. But as we prepare for the arrival of our first child this November, Kim and I have decided to spend this off season together at home before I head out for another summer of adventures. Just as it was the first year, our greatest challenge is still letting families know that our programs exist. More than ever we will rely on our friend, families, alumni and their parents to get the word out. Here are a few ways you could help.

Social media is a powerful tool! Share some photos from your trip, share a link to our newsletter or website, or invite friends to like our Facebook and Instagram pages. We will do our best to keep them updated and interesting.

The number one thing parents who are interested in our adventures ask to see is testimonials. Our page on the Orvis site is the easiest way to share the experience of our participants and their parents with these families. If you and/or your child had a great experience last summer, writing a review only takes a minute and will provide countless families greater insight into what our trips are all about. If you or your child would like to write a review just follow this link, click on the “Reviews” tab, then on the “write a review” button.

What we will miss most about our time on the road is meeting the families of alumni and future students. There is no better way to ease a parent or student’s nerves then to answer questions about LFFE face-to-face. This year we will depend on our alumni and their parents to be the face of LFFE. We would like to create a list of dates, places, and times when interested families can come learn about our programs, while meeting with alumni and their parents. Schools, homes, clubs, any place you think you can get a few interested families together works for us. Just let us know when and where and we will send a video, some swag, and some brochures. We will order some pizza and families can ask questions about your experience with LFFE. If you are interested in hosting a get together send us an email at info@lillardflyfishingexpeditons.com and we will discuss the details.

As sad as we are to be taking a year off from our annual road trip, we are more excited for the adventures that the next few moths will hold. With your help spreading the word about our amazing adventures, LFFE will continue to inspire future generations of fly fishing conservationists!

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