August 10, 2016

Yellowstone Slough Creek Update

Greetings from Gardiner MT. Our final Yellowstone Expedition of the summer is off to a great start. After arriving in Jackson, WY we set out for Yellowstone to prepare for our Slough Creek backcountry and front country days in the Lamar Valley.

After one night on the Madison River we headed into the Lamar where we split our group into two small groups of 5 students. Each group spent two nights in the second and third meadows of the famous Slough Creek. The small groups both experienced ideal fishing conditions, with everyone in the group catching plenty of the beautiful 16 inch plus Yellowstone Cutthroat that the stream is known for. In the evening when all the day hikers had to head back down trail to their cars both groups experienced some thick mayfly hatches that brought some legendary dry fly fishing. After some hearty and well deserved dinners most of the group slept outside under the stars to watch the perseid meteor shower. Couple that with some howling wolves in the distance and I don’t think it will be an experience that anyone will forget any time soon.

While one group was in the backcountry the other group camped at the confluence of Pebble Creek and Soda Butte. Dry weather has left a lot of the larger front country rivers such as Soda Butte and the Lamar at perfect wading conditions. Needless to say we took full advantage, and the fishing could not have been any better.

After exiting the backcountry this morning we headed into Gardiner, MT for some laundry, showers, and pizza before we head to the boiling river for a soak in the hot springs. For the next few days we will be fishing some of the most famous front country rivers in the park. We will let you know how it goes soon.


Tight Lines,

Will, Quintin, and crew

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