September 8, 2015

2015 Photo Albums

Our last trip of the summer ended less then 3 weeks ago, but already it feels like its been months. I tried to replay the entire summer in my mind during my long drive back east, but so much happens every day that it is hard to remember it all. Luckily for us we have pictures… thousands of pictures. When I got home, showered, and rested, I got out my computer and started sorting through all of the photos we accumulated over the summer.

As with the last three summers, this one started off in North Carolina with the Blue Ridge Adventure. The highlight of this trip is definitely the mix of trophy trout on the private water and spectacularly beautiful, but small, wild brook trout.

Fat rainbows and colorful brookies. Click here to see the full NC Blue Ridge album.

Fat rainbows and colorful brookies. Click here to see the full NC Blue Ridge album.

We went to Maine for the trophy brook trout, but the smallmouth fishing was a definite bonus. Here are all the pictures.

We went to Maine for the trophy brook trout, but the smallmouth fishing was a definite bonus. Here are all the pictures.

As soon as the Blue Ridge Adventure ended we headed north to prepare for our first ever Maine Woods Adventure. Heavy rain pounded Maine for the first few days of the trip. Luckily for us, we spent them in rustic but dry cabins on the banks of the Rapid River. Even in the high water we managed to pull out dozens of landlocked salmon and some true trophy brook trout. The clouds cleared just in time for some canoeing, camping, and fishing on the Kennebec River. As you can see from the pictures of all the smallmouth and brook trout, the trip was a success to say the least! We are looking forward to some more great Maine adventures next summer!

After celebrating the 4th of July, we began our journey west for the start of our Colorado and Yellowstone Expeditions. The Colorado Rocky Mountain Adventure kicked things off with some red hot high alpine lake fishing, while the rivers were still coming into shape. The trip was capped off with an overnight float on the Colorado River. Lots of nice fish were caught all trip long and there are pictures to prove it.

Meanwhile, our Yellowstone Advanced Expedition was so popular we split into two groups and launched an all out attack on the trout of Yellowstone National Park. Will’s group started with some elusive monster rainbow on the Bechler before we chased some fat Yellowstone Cutthroat. Tim took his crew and switched up the order. They started with some trophy Yellowstone Cutthroat before checking grayling, rainbow, browns, and snake river cut ties off the list. Both groups finished up with a successful day of float fishing on the Snake River. Take a look at all the pictures from Will’s group below, and all the pictures from Tim’s under that.


While our first ever Yellowatone advanced expeditions were wrapping up, the Colorado West Elk Advanced Expedition was just getting started. If you are a fan of healthy wild browns and the most colorful backcountry cutthroats you can imagine, make sure you check out these photos!

Lastly, we wrapped up the summer with the Yellowstone Adventure. We started off going for numbers, but it was not long before the boys had their fill of graylings and rainbows and were ready to chase down some bigger fish. Between the Lamar River, Slough Creek, and a float on the South Fork of the Snake we definitely made that happen.


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